This topic is seldom talked about because the benefits are felt physically, and after a class, the benefits are obvious and direct. There is yet a greater picture. There are as many reasons to practice asanas – the Sanskrit word for yoga postures- as there are students. On this page five benefits are mentioned that you might have not thought about.

The exercises are meant to give you a flexible spine, massage and tone the internal organs. Of which the glands are of great concern, because they rely on the massaging action of the body to secret biologically useful substances, mostly hormones. Asanas will also increase and tone the digestive fire, whereby the body uses efficiently the nutrients that it gets, and gets rid of what it does not need efficiently.

Otherwise the energy will not flow; it will stay blocked out. Purity of the physical body is the first duty, both external, and internal. Then comes the purity of the mind in thought and in intent. You can be sure that as long as there is tension in your body, a harmonious energy will not flow. We place much importance on relaxation or letting gravity take away your tension so that tension does not remain in your body and cause havoc.

Asanas will invite you to concentrate on the posture, clear the mind of all superfluous thoughts, and use the breath properly. This concentration is bliss inducing.

Committing to a schedule of asanas and pranayama is the first step towards a harmonious life. It is time set aside where worldly distractions are shut out. It is a time when you are truly taking care of yourself.
Old age when looked at from a worldly point of view is a ridiculous proposition, if not an outright cruel one.

Care of the body will determine what body we will grow old with.
If old age cannot be avoided at least we can age with elegance.
Set goals for yourselves, modest as they may be, and improve upon your ways of living, do yogasanas, and set nutritional guidelines … live a simple life.