Dear students, For the second time, Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center is collaborating with Guita Bed&Bloom to offer you a 4 days/3 nights Yoga Retreat in Akoura on 28th-29th-30th April and 1st May 2016. This retreat is the perfect getaway to immerse yourself ...Read the rest

This two hours class focuses on yoga poses that build and strengthen the core muscles. A strong and stable center is important to preserve a healthy spine. What are the poses that engage the core ? A,mong them : the Dolphin Pose, the Side Plank ...Read the rest

      Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center in collaboration with Guita bed&bloom is thrilled to invite you to a 3 days yoga weekend in August ! Au menu : Yoga & Meditation Classes Hiking & Discovery Vegetarian Food Feu de camp And lot of fun ! 2 ...Read the rest

Join us at Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center on the 18th of October to celebrate 15 years of teaching yoga. The Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center first opened its doors on the 16th of October 2000. The idea of a center in Beirut was put forth by ...Read the rest


Beit el Nessim and Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center are organizing a yoga retreat on the 31th of October. Find the détails in the pictures below. For more infos : 03 119 465. Deadline for registration : 15th of october. Places are limited.  

  In our fast paced world, where we spend more time online, connecting virtually more than physically, the way we interact with our babies has drastically changed… We become less and less in contact with them: less and less parents decide to breastfeed, co-sleep, babywear. ...Read the rest

  What is Yoga Nidra, and what are its benefits? Yoga nidra means psychic sleep. Sleep rests the body, but yoga nidra rests both the mind and body. When you are asleep, your consciousness sleeps in your astral body, but in yoga nidra your consciousness ...Read the rest

  I want to open my heart. Help me open my heart. Thank you. (Source: Join me on friday at 6 PM for a two hours Heart Opening & Twists Workshop at Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center. We will do breathing exercices, warms up and then ...Read the rest