Dear students,

For the second time, Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center is collaborating with Guita Bed&Bloom to offer you a 4 days/3 nights Yoga Retreat in Akoura on 28th-29th-30th April and 1st May 2016.
This retreat is the perfect getaway to immerse yourself in an authentic yoga retreat, disconnect, discover Akoura and enjoy a wonderful time with new people.

The retreat is open to beginners.

Note that there’s a possibility to register for a one day or half day program. Also, depending on availibilities, if the tents and rooms are not fully booked, you can register for one or two nights. Stay tuned on the event. All details of the programs/fees below.




5 PM Departure from Daoura
7 PM Arrival at Guita
8 PM Dinner
10 PM Candle light Meditation


7 AM Coffee/Tea & Small meditative walk
8’00 AM Sunrise Yoga
10 AM Brunch
11 AM Free time
1 PM Yoga Workshop
3 PM Small Snack/Tea/Juice
4’30 PM Yoga Class
6’30 PM Dinner
8 PM Meditation & Feu de camp
10 PM Sleep


7 AM Coffee/Tea & Small meditative walk
8’00 AM Sunrise Yoga
10 AM Brunch
11 AM Free time
1 PM Yoga Workshop
3 PM Small Snack/Tea/Juice
4’30 PM Yoga Class
6’30 PM Dinner
8 PM Meditation & Feu de camp
10 PM Sleep


7 AM Coffee/Tea & Small – Pranayama
8’00 AM Sunrise Yoga
10 AM Brunch
12 PM Small lecture
2 PM Departure

Please note that details on workshops will be given later.
We are preparing you an amazing immersion, so stay tuned !



Please note that the tents are super comfortable, spacious, set in a beautiful garden with a super view on the mountains and surrounded by beautiful lighting. They are equipped with mattresses & sheets & towels. We will post pictures on the event so you have an idea.

Shared Tent: 300 $
Single Tent: 340 $
Shared Regular Room: 400 $
Shared Master Room: 445 $
Single Regular Room: 600 $

Fees Include
3 nights/4 days at Guita House
Meals (Brunch & Dinners + Snacks)
5 Yoga Classes
4 Yoga workshops
1 Guided hiking
2 Candle light meditations

Fees don’t include
Bus Fees (will be depending on the number of participants)
Yoga mat rent

FEES FOR ONE DAY/HALF A DAY- Saturday & Sunday

One Day 100 $ (2 meals, 1 snack, 2 yoga classes & 1 workshop, meditation)
Half a Day 60 $ (1 meal, 1 yoga class, one workshop)

This option will be available if the retreat is not full.
If you are interested in this option, we will register you in the waiting list and let you asap.

Shared tent : 240 $
Single tent 260 $
Shared room 300 $

Shared tent 170 $
Single tent 180 $
Shared Room 200 $

What to bring with you :

- A blanket, a scarf

- A yoga mat

- A bottle for the water (you refill it here)

- A warm sweater, a jacket and socks ( it’s cold at night and in the morning !)

- Yoga outfit : pants and tops ( plan on bringing warm clothes)

- Tennis shoes for the hiking

- For those taking the tents : a sleeping bag ( just in case).

- Towels for those who are taking tents.


To register, please contact Maya on 03 119 465. A deposit of 100 $ will be required to secure your spot.

The teachers

Maya and Maria will guide you during this retreat.

Maya Sourati
Is a Sivananda certified Yoga teacher, trained in Canada, Val Morin. She teaches Hatha yoga classes and manages the center. Maya is inspired by many philosophies, styles and techniques which help the students to connect with their inner self.
She’s also a writer and a sketcher.

Maria Malek
Maria grew up in a Yogic environment with her Yogi mum and teacher Irene. Immersed in the yoga practice at a very early age, she naturally decided to take yoga to the next stage. Maria obtained her certification from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram in South India. She teaches Sivananda Style and Vinyasa flow.

About Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center

The Beirut Yoga Sivananda Center first opened its doors on the 16th of October 2000. The idea of a center in Beirut was put forth by senior disciples of Swami Vishnu-Devananda in 1997. It first seemed like a far off idea; however it became a reality by the Grace of God. The Center is located in a renovated flat of a building that dates back to the nineteen thirties. High ceilings with clear simple lines create a sense of space where people are welcome to learn Hatha Yoga and Vedic philosophy.

About Guita Bed & Bloom

Guita Bed&Bloom is an organic family farm and environmental friendly guesthouse dedicated to agriculture, slow food, agritourism, ecotourism, wellness and education.
Guita Bed&Bloom is member of L’Hote Libanais.


This two hours class focuses on yoga poses that build and strengthen the core muscles.

A strong and stable center is important to preserve a healthy spine.

What are the poses that engage the core ?

A,mong them : the Dolphin Pose, the Side Plank Pose, the Crow pose, the Cat pose, the Chair pose etc….

Fee 25 LL
If you can’t afford to pay the class, please contact the teacher.

Registration w/Maya 03 119 465 (message-whatsup)







Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center in collaboration with Guita bed&bloom is thrilled to invite you to a 3 days yoga weekend in August !

Au menu :

Yoga & Meditation Classes
Hiking & Discovery
Vegetarian Food
Feu de camp
And lot of fun !

2 types of accomodations tents & rooms will be suggested.

More infos soon !

Contact : 03 119 465

banner-1Join us at Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center on the 18th of October to celebrate 15 years of teaching yoga.

The Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center first opened its doors on the 16th of October 2000.

The idea of a center in Beirut was put forth by senior disciples of Swami Vishnu-Devananda in 1997.

We will be giving yoga classes, méditation & satsang.

An Indian Dinner will follow.

Program :


10 : 00  am  Hatha Yoga for Beginners (Maria Malek)

12 : 00 pm  Hatha Yoga Open Class ( Josiane)

2 : 00 pm Kundalini Open Class (Ahed)

4 : 00  pm Hatha Yoga for Beginners (Maya)

6: 00 pm  Satsang


8 pm Indian Dinner


All the classes are free as well as the satsang.

Dinner is 10 $ and réservation is a must (03 119 465, whatsup or message with names and number of attendees).

Beit el Nessim and Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center are organizing a yoga retreat on the 31th of October.

Find the détails in the pictures below.

For more infos : 03 119 465. Deadline for registration : 15th of october. Places are limited.





In our fast paced world, where we spend more time online, connecting virtually more than physically, the way we interact with our babies has drastically changed… We become less and less in contact with them: less and less parents decide to breastfeed, co-sleep, babywear. At the same time, we want to be the perfect parent, we are starving for information, any question, any doubt, and we run searching for an answer on the Internet, or we buy so many contradictory books that we end up feeling helpless.

We forget that the answer could be right here, in our own body and in our own baby! The body is one of the most powerful tools given to us but we loose contact with it.

When we embody our sensations and feelings, once we learn how to read and understand them, we can use them to create, relax or energize, but most importantly we can share them, interact and connect with another body, our baby’s body.

Objectives :

During this workshop, we will learn how to get back to our physicality and connect to our babies using tools of contemporary dance, breathing techniques and body mind centering. We will explore our sensations and get to know how to embody them, in other words, how to connect consciousness & physicality. This creative, gentle, respectful and self-discovering approach, based on movement and touch, will allow us to gain back our confidence in our body and in our babies.

Different exploration activities will be proposed to parents or caretakers depending on the age of the child. Parents or caretakers of infants will be invited to babywear them during the exercises.
Parents or caretakers of crawling, cruising or walking babies and toddlers will also explore the space without carriers.

It is preferable to wear comfortable clothes. Mothers can breastfeed their babies whenever they feel the need to do it during the workshop, even while exploring! Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water.

“Read your body, not the books! Read your baby, not the Internet!”

So wear comfortable, light clothing, and bring water and baby carrier. Carriers can be rented in advance through the babywearing Beirut library (link to babywearing group page).

Age up to 2 1/2 years or 3 years at a very maximum

The session will be barefoot. The session is 90 minutes although there will be opportunity for changing diapers, feeding etc. breastfeeding is welcome.

About Emilie:

I am a breastfeeding mom of a 22 months old boy, a writer and a contemporary dancer/choreographer and teacher. I had a very difficult pregnancy, during which I was put on bed rest, stopping all physical activities. This gave me the time to focus on my sensations and feelings, to interact with my baby and create a deep connection with him, a connection that I wanted to keep and nurture after his birth. From day 1, I intuitively started to apply my experience in movement and contact dance with my baby, keeping him close to me. With his help, I discovered new possibilities to connect with him, and eventually I started to embody back my own self, rediscovering the power of sensations, using them to communicate with my baby and to engage in a dance that took us where we are today

Thursday 16th July 10:30 – 12:00

Fees : $20

Reservation needed : 03 119 465 ( Whatsup, Message)



What is Yoga Nidra, and what are its benefits?

Yoga nidra means psychic sleep. Sleep rests the body, but yoga nidra rests both the mind and body. When you are asleep, your consciousness sleeps in your astral body, but in yoga nidra your consciousness is awake within. Yoga nidra performs two beneficial functions. It removes fatigue and invigorates the body. The stresses and strains of daily life create tensions and these rob the mind of its serenity. Yoga nidra removes tensions and restores the elasticity of your mind.

In the modern world a high percentage of people remain in a state of tension and frustration. This continuous level of tension in the body, mind and emotions predisposes the individual towards psychological and psychosomatic disorders. Modern psychology as well as yogic philosophy believes in three kinds of tension – muscular tensions, emotional tensions and mental tensions – which can be progressively released through the systematic and regular practice of yoga nidra.

Muscular tension results from nervous and endocrinal imbalances. It manifests in the form of stiffness and rigidity in the physical body. In the practice of yoga nidra the body is progressively relaxed, which in turn releases the accumulated muscular tensions.

Repressed emotions manifest in the form of emotional tension. In the practice of yoga nidra, the practitioner slowly moves towards the deeper realms of the mind where he or she confronts the deep-rooted emotional tensions. When the practitioner recognizes these emotional tensions with full awareness and a witnessing attitude, then repressed emotions are released and the practitioner becomes calm and tranquil.

Due to excessive activity on the mental plane, the mind always remains in a state of arousal, which results in mental tension. Throughout life the mind is fed with negative data. In the practice of yoga nidra, especially in rotation of consciousness and breath awareness, the mind is relaxed, thereby releasing the mental tensions.

In this way, through the regular and sincere practice of yoga nidra, tensions at the physical, emotional and mental level can be minimized, clearing the way to spiritual progress.

How to practice Yoga Nidra? This practice is best learned at first through a teacher. Once the practitioner is comfortable in it, he or she may practice it regularly with the help of a CD.


Lina’s classes are simple with detailed emphasis on proper body alignment in asana practices on one side to safely gain physical flexibility and strength, reduce pain, and age gracefully. And on the other side restoring the mind to simplicity and peace with practices such as pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation.



Lina teacher, student, began her journey into yoga over 20 years ago out of her mother’s passion about yoga.
Student of Iyengar & Satyananda yoga traditions, she’s been giving classes for 10 years, running her own yoga studio, organizing yoga retreats and workshops locally & internationally.

By combining the Eastern philosophies of yoga and meditation with our very active Western lifestyle, and through her own personal experiences, she can relate to students, lovingly sharing with them and giving them the teachings of yoga, while seeing them harvest the transforming effects on their bodies and minds.



Join Lina every Friday at 7 : 30 PM

Class duration is 1 hour 30 minutes






photo 4


I want to open my heart.
Help me open my heart.
Thank you.


Join me on friday at 6 PM for a two hours Heart Opening & Twists Workshop at Beirut Sivananda Yoga Center.

We will do breathing exercices, warms up and then a series of heart opening followed by a deep relaxation.

Reservation : 03 119 465 (message or whatsup)

Fees : 20 $
10 $ for TTC teachers