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“Yin Yoga is a practice of introspection. In this workshop, we will hold the postures and reflect on the emotions experienced as a result. We will work on the liver and kidney meridians which are responsible for the emotions of anger and fear. Come ready to discover and reflect on issues that have long been buried deep somewhere in your body and your cells.”

About :
Ahed Sboul took her teacher training at the Neyyar Dam Sivananda Ashram in Kerala in 2006 and has been teaching at the Sivananda Center ever since. She teaches beginners and open level classes.
Ahed is also a trained Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She received her training in Rishikesh from Gurmukh. Her classes are infused with yogic teachings and wisdom.

When ? Sunday 8th of February from 4’30 pm to 6’30 pm
Where ? Beirut Sivananda Yoga

Mats and cushions available
Fees : 20 $