In our fast paced world, where we spend more time online, connecting virtually more than physically, the way we interact with our babies has drastically changed… We become less and less in contact with them: less and less parents decide to breastfeed, co-sleep, babywear. At the same time, we want to be the perfect parent, we are starving for information, any question, any doubt, and we run searching for an answer on the Internet, or we buy so many contradictory books that we end up feeling helpless.

We forget that the answer could be right here, in our own body and in our own baby! The body is one of the most powerful tools given to us but we loose contact with it.

When we embody our sensations and feelings, once we learn how to read and understand them, we can use them to create, relax or energize, but most importantly we can share them, interact and connect with another body, our baby’s body.

Objectives :

During this workshop, we will learn how to get back to our physicality and connect to our babies using tools of contemporary dance, breathing techniques and body mind centering. We will explore our sensations and get to know how to embody them, in other words, how to connect consciousness & physicality. This creative, gentle, respectful and self-discovering approach, based on movement and touch, will allow us to gain back our confidence in our body and in our babies.

Different exploration activities will be proposed to parents or caretakers depending on the age of the child. Parents or caretakers of infants will be invited to babywear them during the exercises.
Parents or caretakers of crawling, cruising or walking babies and toddlers will also explore the space without carriers.

It is preferable to wear comfortable clothes. Mothers can breastfeed their babies whenever they feel the need to do it during the workshop, even while exploring! Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water.

“Read your body, not the books! Read your baby, not the Internet!”

So wear comfortable, light clothing, and bring water and baby carrier. Carriers can be rented in advance through the babywearing Beirut library (link to babywearing group page).

Age up to 2 1/2 years or 3 years at a very maximum

The session will be barefoot. The session is 90 minutes although there will be opportunity for changing diapers, feeding etc. breastfeeding is welcome.

About Emilie:

I am a breastfeeding mom of a 22 months old boy, a writer and a contemporary dancer/choreographer and teacher. I had a very difficult pregnancy, during which I was put on bed rest, stopping all physical activities. This gave me the time to focus on my sensations and feelings, to interact with my baby and create a deep connection with him, a connection that I wanted to keep and nurture after his birth. From day 1, I intuitively started to apply my experience in movement and contact dance with my baby, keeping him close to me. With his help, I discovered new possibilities to connect with him, and eventually I started to embody back my own self, rediscovering the power of sensations, using them to communicate with my baby and to engage in a dance that took us where we are today

Thursday 16th July 10:30 – 12:00

Fees : $20

Reservation needed : 03 119 465 ( Whatsup, Message)